Digital Transformation Workshop

Weathernews Inc.

Nov. 28-30, 2018

maruFreight and T-MAX

In recent years, new technology such as AI, the IoT and Big Data have had a profound impact on our daily lives and businesses.
In this age of rapid technological development, machines and technology work to predict the future and enrich our lives in ways that we could have never imagined.

We at Weathernews continue our efforts at creating new value from various angles and entry points, using these new technologies, in order to move into the future with the maritime logistics industry.

A new project established earlier this year, maruFreight combines the weather and maritime data analysis technology with the experience and knowhow of Mitsui & Co. in ICT in order to match cargoes with vessels in the tramper market, where there is still much room for improvement in efficiency in terms of the utilization of the IoT and Big Data in international maritime logistics.

The matching platform service provided by maruFreight powerfully combines and shares data in order to provide transparency and fairness as a marketplace.
For shipping companies, in order to reduce the need for air freight,it will assist in more strategic fleet allocation planning and increase efficiency of vessel operations by combining the T-MAX and OSR/OSR Lite service which you have started to use.


External lecturers are to be confirmed.
We would be honored if you would consider staying for the Anniversary Party, which will be held directly after the Workshop.

1430 –
Opening Remarks "IT Innovation to accelerate digitalization"
1500 –

Operation Optimization Platform with T-MAX

1545 –

Matching Platform with maruFreight

1650 –

Open Discussion

1730 –

Poster session

Free discussion with Weathernews experts.

1800 –

Anniversary Party

Weathernews 10th Anniversary in Singapore